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Java Aspects Texture

Java Aspects Texture
Textures for Minecraft PE
At first it may seem to you that this texture does not change anything, but in fact you are mistaken. Developers do their best to make the two versions of Java and Bedrock compatible, but they get it with delays. Therefore, the author made a texture that is available in the Java Edition, he changes water, fire, light and several types of things. Also in this texture are added sounds that you might have heard in Java versions, they are really very powerful!

What blocks will change?

  • Dried Kelp Block
  • Bricks
  • Striped twisted stem
  • Striped dark oak
  • Edged spruce
  • Grass block
  • Save building block
  • Structure loading block
  • Structure of the Void
  • Old Nether Reactor
  • Water
  • Opaque leaves
  • Smooth Quartz
  • Stem
  • a door


  • Dried seaweed
  • Cat egg
  • Trader Spawn Egg
  • Bee egg
  • Lava fill
  • Pig roe egg
  • Panda Caviar Egg
Living objects
  • Sheep
  • Fishing hook
  • Cat
  • looter
  • Hoglin
  • Withering
  • Gast
  • Old residents 
  • Drowned woman


  • Number of Hotbar items
  • Experience bar
  • Outline of the name of the selected item
  • Buried Treasure Map Icon "X"
  • Removed "New" and "Sale!" marketplace notifications
  • Removed beta text
  • Dedicated inventory slot
  • Inventory slot icon (not on the quick access bar)
  • Mobile crafting and armor icons
  • Empty hand alignment
  • Experience level number
  • Hotbar slot
  • Hotbar alignment
  • Overlay background panorama


For Minecraft versions and higher.

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