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Trivial tweaks

Trivial tweaks
Textures for Minecraft PE
It's a simple texture pack based on enhancing the default vanilla look and feel as well as providing certain optimizations for both usability and overall game performance. The author wanted to make the game smoother and remove unnecessary aspects that many players might find tedious.

What will be the changes?
Better related textures (grass / dirt / grass_path / podzol / snow-on-grass
Doors and hatches now have a lot more glass and are therefore easier to see
Regular glass / glass is now easier to see through
Water is now smoother and clearer, and animations for moving water are now more contrasting
The ore is now highlighted / delineated so you can see it more easily
Custom animation of block destruction (the outline becomes brighter the more the block is destroyed)
Small tweak to the wolf collar (the bottom area is now darker to simulate shadow)
And a lot of things


For Minecraft versions and higher.

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