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Sid Meeting the River

Sid Meeting the River
Seeds for Minecraft PE
A truly unique seed that will open you up close to the center of the five connected rivers. There are many areas here, such as islands, double lake, open ravines and more. This is a great seed to use for survival.

As soon as you appear, you will notice that in the center of this world there is a connection of five rivers, hence the name. The first is, in fact, a short loop, in the middle of which there are many islands, in one of which is the spawn point for the world.
The next one, moving clockwise, leads in the southwest direction, the third - mainly to the west. The fourth river runs mostly west-north-west on average, while the fifth leads north-north-east, before turning sharply west and into a large double lake, which then connects to the ocean via a route outside the map view of the locator the world.
There are several open ravines within the map, although as far as I have studied, I have not found surface structures.
The LED can only be opened from version 1.2.7!

Sid: 695799767


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