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Heads for mod Infinity Item Editor

Heads for mod Infinity Item Editor
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This collection of heads is needed for those who have long wanted to decorate their home or server with different heads, or for those who crash because of clicking on the "Collection of Heads" in the  Infinity Item Editor mod. If you don't have the "Head Collection" feature in the Infinity Item Editor mod, here's a folder with heads.

Here are some pages of the heads that I have saved:

  1. Install Forge or ForgeOptifine for minecraft
  2. Install Infinity mod and missing mods for it (if any)
  3. Install the ZIP  itself which is below
  4. Drop the mod into the Mods folder
  5. Drop the Infinity-data folder into .minecraft (if it already exists, delete or transfer the old folder to another folder and drop the installed folder with Infinity-data into .minecraft )
  6. We start minecraft and are glad that everything worked out
  7. If it didn't work, then double-check the instructions and make sure you did everything right


For Minecraft versions 1.12.2+ and higher.

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