Batman parkour

Batman parkour
Мaps of the passage for Minecraft PE
This is the Batman Parkour map, on which you must go to the end absolutely alive and not harming, in fact, during the task no one will threaten you, all you have to do is play to the end and honestly! We recommend playing with friends or creating a separate server for cool games!

Stage 1
At the first stage, the parkour is not very difficult, but when you go further and further, the parkour becomes quite average, then you will already understand that your task is very difficult, you will have some feelings that you will not pass this map. Only move forward, don't give up! If it suddenly turns out for you that the next block is 15-20 blocks! Use your wings and land on the next block, it will be quite difficult for you, but try to land at a point.

Stage 2
And this parkour is most suitable for friends, all participants need to go to the end, the one who first reaches the end of parkour and presses the button - he wins! Parkour itself is also not very difficult, well, it's at the beginning. What's next? And then it will become more and more difficult, you will be pursued by large jumps from which almost 20-25 blocks, you can use the Wings to overcome these 20 blocks.


For Minecraft versions and higher.

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