Floating CTM 2

Floating CTM 2
Мaps of the passage for Minecraft PE
Over 64 floating islands and a monument with an empty space. Will you be able to find all the colored blocks you have in the chests to complete the monument?
In floating CTM 2 on this map, you have to fill the monument with all the necessary blocks
wool, terracotta, concrete powder and concrete.
You can find all the blocks there in the chests of the Eternal Isles, and to get to them you have to use the Elytra which you can get from the base island. Each island also has several shulker boxes with some enchanted items that can help you kill all the monsters that attack you on the islands, not all islands have mobs, some of which are puzzles or mazes, sometimes you need to complete the island die.
When you show up, you need to choose the rule language Italian or English, then you can start a little lesson so that you know the basics of each island that the base island collects. There is an island of rules, an elytra, a monument and a checkpoint (they could not work due to the distance, I am trying to find a solution.
To get to this basic island, you just need to walk on the color block and you will teleport. In the monument, you can also place 5 special blocks in the monument that provided you with special items or a set of items.
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