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Shelter (horror stories)

Shelter (horror stories)
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The textures and some features of the map are the same, but some others have been tweaked and may not be the same as in the Java version of the map. It includes several jumps, so be careful! There is a story, so be sure to read the chat for that.
You drive home and you drive for hours. The weather is very bad as it rains with occasional thunders. It's dark outside and you start to feel more and more sleepy. Because nowhere the car stops on the road and you are out of gas. With no other choice, you get out of your car and start walking down the road, looking for a gas station or someone to help you. After a while you come to the gate, and behind it you see that there is a large building. It's getting colder outside and maybe there is someone who can give you shelter for the night.


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