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Different Biomes

Different Biomes
Maps for Minecraft PE

Boards + lava

On this map you will see boards with hot lava underneath. Boards burn at high speed, be careful!

Falling desert

This map will have a dry tree and regular sand below you. Be careful! If you break one sand, all other blocks will fall, which will create large lags on weaker devices or pc.

Huge forest

This map will contain trees that are not yet ripe. Under the ground there will be ordinary grass, under the grass there is water, under the water there will be an emerald and at the end of the lava. 


Download the map and play with friends, stepping on the plate, the block of dynamite and sand will fall down.

Wheat plains

This is a common map with wheat, underground water.

Madness Tree

Green grass with trees, no water here.


For Minecraft versions 1.14.60+ and higher.

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