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Top 10 tricky mechanisms

Top 10 tricky mechanisms
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On this map, you will see ten very amazing mechanisms that the author built for you to study these mechanisms and build them yourself in the future. These buildings can be really difficult, but they will be very interesting, now below you can see a few of the given mechanisms that will change your home or world.

Stove with entrance

This mechanism can be useful somewhere in your home in order to make a secret base with weapons or a room. Make this building somewhere at home.

Unusual pillar

This pillar will open the door to the inside of something, and what exactly is up to you.

Pass down

If suddenly there are crowds of bandits or dangerous players in your world, then this mechanism will change your life in the game. After pressing the button, the mechanism will make a passage down the stairs. Another passage that is also useful, it is often used as a secret entrance to a secret room. This mechanism will be very invisible, under the tree there will be an entrance through which you can go down the stairs.

Pass further

Here it is already interesting, after clicking, the blocks will simply open for you and let you go further, you can often see in the passage of different maps. That's all, below you can test all the mechanisms and send your opinion in the comments.


For Minecraft versions and higher.

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