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Half-Life 2 RP Beta 3.1

Half-Life 2 RP Beta 3.1
Maps for Minecraft PE
The map was created for role-playing games, without realm the server allows 30 people.

Textures and more
The map has its own textures, shaders, sounds and block addon.
Shaders: Pros and Cons
+ Dark rooms and the night get darker than in vanilla minecraft.
+ Lighting.
+ Live foliage and grass.
- Reduced FPS (you can turn off shaders)
- The city is less gloomy.

What bugs are there?
For all the time I have met 2 bugs
1) When you enter the world and see nothing but pictures.

The solution to this problem is simple: you need to clear the phone memory (delete unnecessary photos, games and worlds in minecraft)
2) Sounds on the card stopped working.

The solution is again simple: go to a special room called "civil defense", turn off this sound, and then turn it on.
3) Paintings disappear.

Sometimes you can see on the map that some painting is missing ... I can't fix it, so take the painting yourself and hang the one you need.
4) Sounds of walking and breaking blocks become vanilla if you turn off shaders.

I don't know how to solve the problem either: <

About the map
The map is NOT built exactly like the original game. You can find 7 residential buildings, the rooms of which are equipped by the players themselves. I have changed some of the items and armor, more information can be viewed in the book on the map. I hope you enjoy the map.

Meet beta 3.1!
What's new?

• Map has been moved to version
• The citadel was built (height restrictions did not allow to build it to its full height, the citadel is fully visible with maximum drawing)
• New location built (highway 17)
• Added new textures
• Added new sounds (not yet used on the map)
• Changed some textures
• Work was done on errors on the map (did not deliver blocks)
• Some mechanisms with command blocks have become smaller.
• Added addon that allows you to crawl and walk under 1.5 blocks
• Part of highway 17 is not completed yet because the construction of the relief takes away my strength and desire to build ....


For Minecraft versions and higher.

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Mich Tooth
Mich Tooth 27 April 2020 01:40
You need to prepare to take 2-3 minutes to export the map.
The card itself, super ?!