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Mechanisms that will be useful

Mechanisms that will be useful
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Thanks to this map, you can study any of the listed mechanisms that the author has built, you will see only ten very best mechanisms that you know better about, they may seem very useful to you. Below you can see how they work and how to use them. We will tell you about several mechanisms. You can download the map below.

Automatic object detection

This mechanism will be useful on the farm, you can put a carrot in any funnel, then the mechanism will give the carrot a path where it should be. Thus, you will always be happy with this functionality.

Portal to hell

As you can see this lever mechanism looks like a door. When you click it, you will see that the portal will be open and you can freely use it, when you close it will be prohibited to enter.

Functional stove

As you noticed, this mechanism has a lever, but after you press it, you will see how the stove with fire goes into the wall. Perhaps it will be convenient for everyone, you can use such a mechanism at home.

Convenient warehouse

The mechanism is quite difficult, but easy to use. Thanks to him, you can easily get the thing you need, just press the button above and get the object. This mechanism can be used underground for self-defense against enemies.
You can watch a video review from the author


For Minecraft versions and higher.

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