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SkyWars watches

SkyWars watches
Maps for Minecraft PE
This card for a full game requires the presence of two or more people.
At the beginning of the game, all players enter the lobby, where you can choose a starting ammunition from several options. To join the game, you need to go to the hourglass and press the button. If you haven't chosen your starting gear, the game will randomly select it for you.
Leaving the lobby, players will randomly move to an hourglass of different colors, where there are two chests with different items.

In the center of the map is a huge clock with 12 chests with random trophies.

There are also 12 more chests inside the clock.

To win, you need to remain the only living player on the map, defeating all the others in the battle. After winning, all players are teleported back to the lobby to start a new game immediately.
Prove to your friends that you are a true Minecraft master!


For Minecraft versions and higher.

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