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Personalized cards

Personalized cards
Maps for Minecraft PE
At the moment, all minecraft players know that players still do not have the opportunity to filter the world, change the earth to stone or sand, and so on. All maps are flat maps that represent different types of maps in order to be able to build a survival map or build a huge castle on a flat brick map. Therefore, the author has made ready-made personalized maps for you, there are 16 of them in the collection, you can download them right now!
1. Air


2. Grass / ground


3. Water


4. Ice


5. Mud

6. Quartz block

7. Hell stone

8. Coal

9. Lava

10. Magenta block

11. A rock

12. Sandstone

13. White wool

14.Red sandstone

15. Stone bricks

16. End stone bricks



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