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Amulet Editor - move buildings in three clicks!

Amulet Editor - move buildings in three clicks!
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Amulet is a new editor and converter made by the developer Amulet-Team, the program will help you move blocks from one world to another. Two versions of the game are supported - Bedrock and Java from 1.12 and higher, it is not known whether the program can move buildings from the Java version to Bedrock, we have not checked, hope for you.


  • Possibility to rotate / flip areas on insertion;
    Remove some pieces from the world;
    Move buildings from another biome to another;
    Move buildings from another world to another (it will be useful if you built a city in a flat world, and it doesn't seem possible to survive in a flat one).


  • If the chunk is not loaded, it will not be loaded further (these are limitations);
    There may be turning problems. When you rotate a building, objects inside the building will not rotate (possibly fixed).
Their social media: Discord - Twitter

How to use?

Follow the link and download the current version-

After downloading, we are looking for a file called amulet_app.exe, click and wait for the program to openClick on Open World to open the worldThe program determined that I have two worlds, this is really so, select the world in which you want to copy the building, in my case it is the "District City" map
Go to the 3D Editor sectionI entered the world, now I want to move this building to another world. To do this, we need to highlight:Вот как я это делаю:
Теперь я перемещаю в другой мир:
Important! If you can't enter Minecraft, there may be problems. This is how I do it: Now I move to another world:


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