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Download Minecraft Education Edition

Download Minecraft Education Edition
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Minecraft has become so surprising to its fans that developers from Mojang and Xbox Game Studios have created educational Minecraft that teaches children and adults to an interesting lesson, you may notice lessons such as programming or a complex mechanism to train your memory. The game itself was tested for four months, it made itself known a lot.

As I noticed, the design is very similar to the Bedrock Edition, but you can still notice some differences, such as the logo (of course) and the background behind the interface.

Settings viewTo play the extended version, you need to purchase a license, but we play on the demo version. Let's start playing, of course I did not come across a window with the creation of the world, I was asked to just enter the world.Ahead of me was a mission in which I had to pass it, I did not notice the countdown timer. According to rumors on the Internet, they write that it is difficult and you need to have a teacher with you to learn. On the first mission it's generally easy, I was asked to move the object into the hole. I expected a completely different picture.

Only at the second stage I began to find it difficult, perhaps I missed something, I was asked to do the same, similar to the first mission. Probably my laziness is to blame for everything, I probably need to look for some Easter eggs to continue, I realized that further I had to go through difficult and difficult levels. I forgot everything and closed the game. Below I will leave a video when I was in the second stage.

The game really needs memory and more strength to pass all the tests, you can also notice those levels where you need to have programming with you.


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