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Command Library for Minecraft PE
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A command is much more than just a string of letters. Thanks to this opportunity, you can change your world at times, killing the enemy around you in order to instantly smelt all the metal in your inventory. Some people, namely the so-called Server Administrators, call it a scam, but I think it saves a lot of time and will allow you to continue playing without difficulty.

How do I enter commands? Enough these commands will be very simple, all you need to do is just get used to it, the more often you enter commands, the easier you will start to remember them; they are as easy as entering Minecraft seeds. To start writing commands, you need to make sure that the Cheats function is enabled in this world.

Once connected, enter the world. Next, you need to press the "T" (lat) "E" (rus) key to pull out the command line, where you will enter all your Cheats and commands.

Any command that you are going to enter in the beginning must be prefixed with "/" without this symbol (forward slash) the command will not be able to be executed.


@p - nearest player
@r - random player
@a - all players
@e - all entities
@s - the entity executing the command
Target selector variables, invites you to do the specified task without entering their full name. Five different shorthand commands are given earlier.

Singles Commands
To read more information about a command, enter / help [here_any_command].
/ me [message] - displays a message from the third person "player_name here_message", for example "Mcpedl hello, how are you?"
/ seed will help you find out what world you are in, the world number, the seed.
/ kill - this command can be very useful for you, this command will help to kill you (suicide) is often used if players are building in textures.

Commands for Admins
clear <target> [object number] [additional data] - Clears the specified player's inventory of all items or specific IDs.
debug <start | stop> - Starts debug mode and allows you to stop it.
defaultgamemode <survival | creative | adventure> - Change the default mode for new players on the server.
difficulty <0 | 1 | 2 | 3> - Changes the difficulty of the game, 0 - peaceful, 1 - easy, 2 - normal, 3 - difficult.
enchant <target> [level] - Enchants the item in hand, to the specified level in the command.
gamemode <survival | creative | adventure> [target] - Changes the game mode for the specified player. Survival (survival, s or 0), Creativity (creative, c or 1), Adventure (adventrure, a or 2). For the team to work, the player must be online.
gamerule <rule> [value] - Allows you to change several basic rules. The value must be true or false.
doFireTick - if false, stops the spread of fire.
doMobLoot - if false, no drop will drop from mobs.
doMobSpawning - if false, prohibits spawning of mobs.
doTileDrops - if false, items do not drop from destructible blocks.
keepInventory - if true after death, the player does not lose the contents of the inventory.
mobGriefing - if false, mobs cannot destroy blocks (creeper explosions do not damage the landscape).
commandBlockOutput - if false, the command block does not output anything to the chat when commands are executed.
give <target> <object number> [amount] [additional information] - Gives the player an item specified by block ID.
help [page | team] ? [page | command] - Lists all available console commands.
publish - Opens access to the world over the local network.
say <message> - Shows all players a message in pink.
spawnpoint [target] [x] [y] [z] - Allows you to set the spawn point for the player at the specified coordinates. If no coordinates were specified, the spawn point will be your current position.
time set <date | day | night> - Allows you to change the time of day. Time can be specified numerically, where 0 is sunrise, 6000 noon, 12000 sunset, and 18000 midnight.
time add <number> - Adds the specified amount of time to the current one.
toggledownfall - Allows you to enable or disable precipitation.
tp <target1> <target2>, tp <target> <x> <y> <z> - Enables teleportation of the player specified by name to another or to the entered coordinates.
weather <time> - Allows you to change the weather for a specific time specified in seconds.
xp <amount> <target> - Gives a specific player the specified amount of experience, from 0 to 5000. If you enter L after the number, the specified number of levels will be added. In addition, the levels can be lowered, for example, -10L will decrease the player's level by 10.
ban <player> [reason] - Allows you to block a player's access to the server by nickname.
ban-ip <ip-address> - Allows to block player access to the server by ip address.
pardon <nickname> - Allows you to unblock the specified player access to the server.
pardon-ip <ip-address> - Removes the specified IP address from the blacklist.
banlist [ips] - Allows you to see a list of all players banned on the server.
op <target> - Gives the specified player operator privileges.
deop <target> - Removes operator privileges from the player.
kick <target> [reason] - kicks the specified player into the Ban from the server.
list - Lists all online players.
save-all - Saves all changes to the server.
save-on - Automatic save occurs.
save-off - Automatic saving occurs.
stop - Shut down the server.
whitelist list - Displays a list of players in the whitelist.
whitelist <add | remove> <nickname> - Adds or removes a player to the whitelist.
whitelist <on | off> - Enables or disables the use of the whitelist on the server.
whitelist reload - Reloads the whitelist, that is, it updates it in accordance with the white-list.txt file (can be used when white-list.txt is manually modified).

Private territory teams in Minecraft
/ region claim <region name> - Saves the selected area as reg


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