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Minecraft Java Edition 1.15 review. What's new? What can we expect in the future version?

Minecraft Java Edition 1.15 review. What's new? What can we expect in the future version?
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As you know, Microsoft worked hard on the game Minecraft Java Edition from 2018 to 2019, in this version they fixed many bugs and added bees with hives. Overall, the game is getting more challenging and interesting. Let's first see that Mojang has already officially confirmed the estimated release date. Also below you will see all the changes and updates that have been published on the official Minecraft website.

The first thing you will notice is the Main menu of the game, namely the background, which changed after 2-3 months (possibly more). So, in the next version you will see a new background, under the update style.

Special abilities
The developers added two new accessibility features, namely Sneak and Run. By default, the developers decided to put the Hold function. At the moment there are two functions available, of course Hold and Toggle. Now we will figure out what these functions mean:

  • To execute this Hold function, we need to press the Ctrl or W key twice;
    (about Running) If we switch to Toggly, then we have a so-called switch. If you just press the Ctrl key, then W then you will be constantly running. If you press Ctrl again, then on W you will go as normal. Important! You don't need to press Ctrl + W at the same time. Ctrl - as a switch.
    (About Prowl) If Hold is set, we will crouch using the Shift key (Shift + W) Press simultaneously! You need to hold down two keys. If we change to Toggly, then we do not need to hold two keys as it was before, we just need to press Shift and we will always go while sitting. No need to hold down two keys!
It is not yet known why icons were not displayed in version 1.14. Possible reasons or the developers prepared to put icons there in the future, or some kind of error occurred. The developers figured out and added / fixed the icon in version 1.15.

On the left it is called the Honeycomb Block. Crafting is quite simple, we need to place four units of honeycomb;
On the right, a regular block of Honey. To craft it, we need four bottles of honey.
According to the developers, these blocks will not perform any sequential functions, blocks - like blocks.

The Block has four units of honeycombs, a rather beautiful texture and, of course, sound. Yes, yes, there is even a sound. The sound is like jumping mucus. Also added sounds when walking, they are very quiet.
A regular block of Honey. This block also has its own sounds when walking, when you walk on the block the sound will be very pleasant. We also decide to warn you that you should be wary of such a block, as it will suck you in and you will start walking very slowly. If you want to fall from a height on honey, you will take damage. If you start jumping, you will not jump very high.


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