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How to play online via Xbox in Minecraft PE?

How to play online via Xbox in Minecraft PE?
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Many applications such as blockman multiplayer for minecraft and multiplayer master have deleted their applications, since many Minecraft players refused to use these applications, because the Xbox took their place! But many create panic, how to play on the network through xbox and in general, is it possible? The short answer is yes, and very simple, you need about 2-3 minutes to study.

Where to begin?
Download Xbox from Google Play or the App Store
Go to the app and go to find friends

You must write a friend's nickname so that your friend will send you a nickname, ask your friend to expand the menu on the right side as shown in the screenshot below:

You must go to a friend's page, add him as a friend
Next, your friend should subscribe to you, it should happen so that you are friends with each other. As soon as your friend subscribed to you, go to minecraft. Make sure you are logged in xbox for minecraft!

Now one of you must create a world or enter an already existing world. I will also warn you just in case. In your world settings, it should be configured exactly like this:

As soon as a friend entered the world, he should go to minecraft, go to the "friends" section and join the game:

Enjoy the game!

What if my server doesn't appear?
Ask a friend to invite you, it's done like this:

I am getting a client error

You must have the same version of Minecraft. That is, your friend has a version of Minecraft - which means you must download the same version.

What if an error occurs in xbox?
While writing this article, I came across an error with the text: "Access to this function is blocked. This function is not available due to your account settings. You can make changes by changing your privacy settings on"
This error occurs due to the fact that you are under the age of 18. Go to settings and change the date of birth, it must be over 18 years old.


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BedrockMultiplayer 26 June 2020 17:28
Uyuy, are you logged into the game itself?
Uyuy 26 June 2020 11:19
And if there is no "invite" button and when you enter the world all network settings are reset? Well, maybe I'm stupid, but I would like to solve the problem