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Minecraft PE 1.16.100 Release

Minecraft PE 1.16.100 Release
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Really, three months later, the developers have prepared an unusual update for the new release of Minecraft 1.16.100, in which many of which affected changes to the gameplay, goods and commands.

Experimental settings

In the map settings, we improved the Experimental options, activate one of the new options and test each of them.



Changed health from 15 to 20.

Iron Golem and Hoglin
They will not attack each other.

Dolphins now take 120 seconds to dry, just like the Java Edition.

Sea Turtles now have their own sound when laying eggs.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug due to which the player could not enter into sleep mode;
    Fixed minor bugs that could occur during the game;
    When walking on berry bushes, players and mobs will take damage;
    Due to a mistake, the farmers were unable to harvest their crops;
    Fixed bug when starting Realms;
    Fixed commands.

Game process

  • Experience balls now float in the water, they will not sink and you do not have to go down under the water picking them up;
    Lanterns are no longer destroyed in water.


  • Added a new command /structure to save and load;
    With the /music command, you can control the music;
    The command /playanimation will start a one-time animation;
    Added the /clearspawnpoint command, which will be able to clear the player's spawn point;
    The /ride command will allow mobs to ride other mobs;
    The /event command, which will be used to trigger an event on the object;
    The /execute command, in the new release, now uses the correct selector position when calculating the radius.

Changes for addon creators

For more detailed information about all changes, you can familiarize yourself with this link, we will also leave links to downloads new addon templates and textures 


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