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Minecraft PE Beta

Minecraft PE Beta
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This update added a new mob, new snow and some fixes in the game.
In order to test new possibilities, you need to enable the Caves and Cliffs function in the world parameters

Powder snow

  • You can pass through the block, it slows you down and you will be protected from damage due to the fact that you are frozen;
    Goats will avoid powder snow;
    The texture of the block is slightly different from the usual snow that falls from the sky.
Here's what you see if you walk through the powder block:


Developers can finally rejoice in honor of the new mob.
  • They can attack the player in order to avoid conflicts with you;
    Goats are mountain kings, they can be found in mountainous mountains where there is a lot of snow;
    They love to jump;
    If the Goat hits a tree, they will drop the Horn.


    • /playsoundcommands sound now plays correctly for all players in range;
    • The duration of the /effect command is limited to 1,000,000 seconds;
    • The text message for the /titleraw command is no longer returned to the player.
  • Error correction

    Fixed more than 30+ bugs that could occur during the game
    • We fixed an issue where the screen reader would not read the screen title and shortcut buttons on the game invite screen.
      Residents will no longer steal workstations from each other;
      Now bees only come out in front of bee hives and bee nests;
      Items will not disappear from chests after exiting the game.


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