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Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.16.100 for Windows 10

Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.16.100 for Windows 10
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In Minecraft you have to master the world and have limited resources to survive on. Explore the whole world and rather build a cozy house deep at night, in the dark there will be dangerous mobs that can harm you and take all your resources.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition can be downloaded from the official Microsoft Store, but with limited features.
But thanks to us, you can download the licensed game to your Windows 10 computer for free!

What's new in 1.16.0?

There is a new mob called Piglins (Piglins), they are very aggressive and can shoot at you with a bow. They live in the underworld, mostly roaming the scarlet forest. They will also look at you with suspicion, as if they will look at you like a stranger, then they will inflict great damage on you. Their children are not particularly scary, so don't panic. You should stay away from them.
Music producers have created sounds specifically for the biome of hell.

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Blocks and Armors
The developers have added a new side called Shroomlight, it glows brightly, it can be seen in heaven or in hell. Added new armor, use black armor to upgrade yourself!Also, +5 more new blocks that we could not find.
Most of all, this update was made for hell. The developers did not forget to add armor, a couple of new blocks, bug fixes and bugs that will be fixed in each update.
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mcpedladm 1 December 2020 15:06
Kalbi Nasredin, Is it in all accounts?
Kalbi Nasredin
Kalbi Nasredin 1 December 2020 10:40
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mcpedladm 21 November 2020 21:27
Pellet Cracker, Hello! Please explain in detail the problem, preferably with screenshots. I will try to help you.
Katichek 21 November 2020 20:58
I can not play with other people because the network game is closed can you open please
mcpedladm 1 November 2020 16:00
ImCapusta, Hello! No attempt was made to hijack the account. If you fly out of your account, minecraft seems to remain the same (it does not become a trial version).
ImCapusta 1 November 2020 12:47
Hello guys, I was able to get an account and downloaded the mine, which seems to be not temporary, but what will happen if this account is hijacked? Mine will work? If something is in the main my account is from Minecraft, but in Minecraft is from you
Helpo 27 October 2020 14:05
Sorry, could you do 2 help with trial version of minecraft for 32 bit pc?
Rofty 24 October 2020 14:14
I tried to log into each of the accounts. it turned out only on the first to the fourth and seventh. everywhere the minecraft version was not complete. After looking at the methods on YouTube, I rebooted the PC, but still not complete. I tried to remove the devices and the error "could not break the connection" was issued there. already in another tab with devices (there was a similar interface, but it was still a Microsoft website) it was written "172 devices are connected". I tried to delete from, but the quantity did not decrease. I don't know what to do anymore, please help

I used to do it about six months ago. and then I stopped just
Incogn 19 October 2020 19:58
What to do if minecraft is updated, and stopped believing that this is not a trial version? and I can't use the methods, I don't have the Xbox Insider Hub app. I tried to reinstall, the trial still remains. Help!
mcpedladm 19 October 2020 15:04
nojat, the error cannot occur on the account side.