How to add material to the site?

How do I add an entry?

  1. Title - the title of your material
  2. Category - choose the category your material belongs to
  3. Introductory part - it should be short, 250-400 words (with spaces)
  4. Also, in the same field you need to upload a preview (main photo), which will be displayed along with a summary. To download the preview, click on the foldergo to the file download section => select files to download from computer => after loading, mark it with a tick => click on insert selected. 
  5. Verbose - The verbose must be more than 350 words (with spaces). There are more than 3 images, in good quality. How to download is indicated above.
  6. Minecraft version - specify the version on which your material was tested
  7. Downloading - insert a download link or upload a file that should not exceed 32 MB. A file sharing service with monetization, such as, and a number of similar services, are allowed.
  8. Keywords - you do not need to add. Words will be inserted automatically after publication.
  9. Confirm that I am not a robot, click on the send button.

I encountered an error, how to change?

  1. You must go to your profile => спустится ниже, you will see the materials that are being moderated. Find your material to be edited. Next to the title, find the pencil icon . Correct, then confirm that you are not a robot then we send.

I got an update

Click on the pencil next to the title => quick editing => change what you need for the new version. We leave the download link in the field to indicate the reason for editing!