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Xans Addon || Fire and Ice Sans Addon

Xans Addon || Fire and Ice Sans Addon
Addons for Minecraft PE
Do you like Undervirus? Do you want the Xans character from Undervirus to appear in Minecraft? Here I made an UnderVirus addon, namely Xans. This Xans is not weak, it is very strong. 
Me and the other addon creators are all tired of making addons, and we make those things entertaining for everyone. So if you don't like it, please go to another place and download another addon. DO NOT BE LIKE A KID

-Ice Sans

Ice sans will have special skills, they will take no damage and are almost invulnerable.


-Ice Pillar

The Ice Pillar will kill the enemy immediately after 3 second

-Ice Gaster Blaster

-Fire Sans
This Sans is as strong as Ice Sans but it has less skills

-Fire Gaster Blaster

-Virus404 Sans

-Omnipotent Sans

+Omni Beam

This ray beam shoots out of Omni's third eye and releases it in a full ray beam that goes on until he closes his third eye. This Beam can kill any sans that is not an outer being of power or higher, but even than it's able to stun if not completely obliterate Thought!Sans.

-Omni Blaster

These blasters don't just fire at you but also lock on to you. These blaster deal instant kill damage to anyone under Ink or Errors level and paralyzes anything above.


Omni's mere presence alone can null others into a weakened state and can rupture the code of others making them and allies almost useless in battle.

-Omni Blackhole (selfconstruct)

It will suck all creatures close to it and will be killed instantly

-Xtale Gaster (X Gaster)

he has the same skills as my [Gaster] but much more powerful  and he can "Overwrite"

-Antivirus Sans

he is likely sans-like so I don't need more details as it is boring

-Geno Sans(New version)

-Dust InkSans

His health s 999999 and damage is 99999 he can avoid the /kill command and dodge your attacks

+You can kill him with an iron sword

Xans v3

-Xans v3 GB

-Xans v3 Miss

-Horror Sans (v2)

-Killer Sans (v2)

-Gaster (v2)

-Gaster Attack

-Xans Morph

+Morph Xans Item

(use it to turn into xans)

+Xans GB

(Summon xans gaster blaster)

+Xans skill 1 (up)

This causes the enemy to be hit by a levitation effect of 25 for 1 second

+Xans Skill 2 (down)

It teleport the enemys -1 block

+Xans skill 3 (Blue heart)

It gives you the ability to fly (if you turn on education mode) and /kill @e

+Xans skill 4 (Green heart)

It makes you miss (But you still miss when being hit)

+Xans skill 5 (contro)

It makes you fly into the sky

+How to get items turned into Xans v3 

Please subscribe to my channel so I can do more addons in the future My channel

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.8
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.12
  • 1.10



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