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Deep Dark Caves Add-On v1.1

Deep Dark Caves Add-On v1.1
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Welcome to the deep dark caves! this addon is a concept of how the new caves of minecraft 1.17 would be! the fascinating caves of deepslate!

These new caves will fascinate you if you are a lover of caves from 1.17!

This addon brings as a concept the deepslate, cobbled deepslate and all their respective blocks from 1.17! from its minerals to the tuff!
Deep Dark Caves Add-On v1.0!

All the new blocks, there are also the variants of the deepslate only forget to take screenshot:

the new caves will be generated between layers 1 to 32!

this addon brings your custom pickaxes! you can make the iron, diamond and netherite!

added the deepslate bricks, polished, chiseled and tiles!

these blocks are made with both the deepslate and deepslate cobbled!

ores like iron and gold can be burned!

stone tools can be crafted! also the furnace!

the new caves will appear between layer 0 to 32.
Deep Dark Caves Add-On v1.1!
textures updated to the last snapshot!

Updated ores textures!

Added the blocks from the last snapshot!

Cracked deepslate tiles and bricks! can be obtained by cooking deepslate tiles and deepslate bricks.

deepslate tiles:

Now to make blocks of deepslate in the stonecutter you will only need the cobbled deepslate, the deepstale not as in the last snapshot!


Activate the experimental functions and enjoy!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.201



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