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Multi-Deco Addon v1.0

Multi-Deco Addon v1.0
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Multi-Deco is an Addon that aims to provide the player with new options to decorate their survival world, achieving this through new blocks that the player can make, in addition to using tools to modify said blocks.


The pots are blocks the size of a half block in which the player can plant the four types of mushrooms, the pumpkin and its two variants; giving the option to decorate with these blocks, or to use a garden shovel to extract what the pot has planted in order to obtain new blocks



This type of block can only be obtained by extracting them using a garden shovel in certain blocks, and at the moment it can only be obtained from what is planted in the pots.


You can make pots for bonsai, in which you can plant oak, birch, spruce, and acacia saplings, which you can place in their regular size or reducing them in their tiny version.

Plant Grid

This block that you can use as a grid or to place vines on it, you can change it from any of the 16 colors using a brush.


With these 4 objects you can modify the added blocks, from their position, size, color, or extract an element from the block; To obtain them, you only need to make a toolkit and right-click.


If it is required to consult the manufacturing recipes, they can be seen from the section of the game “How to play?”.
Also if you need to get everything that the plugin adds through the /function command.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.201



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