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The Caretaker Addon (Creepypasta Character)

The Caretaker Addon (Creepypasta Character)
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Do you like minecraft creepypasta? Do you like the caretaker? Well your wish is come true I added the Caretaker Addon. The Caretaker is creepypasta that made by Quincy the skin is black and white with a crystal-like shaped in the chest. Ok lets see, how strong he is

The Caretaker: It will attack anything and even you except cats because he likes cat

Caretaker Clone: Summon by the caretaker and it also attacks anything except cats

Caretaker's Cat: It will attack anything if the Caretaker attacking someone, also this guy can be tamable using fish and it will attack anything if you are attacking

Caretaker Trident: Summon by the Caretaker if someone getting near of this trident, they will burn and it will kill immortal mobs

Caretaker Head: The use of the Caretaker if someone hit of this head, it will kill instantly and summons 2 cats

You can see a Rainbow Caretaker if the caretaker is attacking someone.

You can also get the items of the Caretaker.The following items:Caretaker Gun: Shoots headCaretaker Lurker Gun: Shoots trident
If you want to showcase this addon, u can credit on this name "Billy the Gamer EX 1555".


Make sure to turn off the MobSpawning cuz this guy will attack everything.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.201



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