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Better Nether Beta 3B (Biomes and Gen Update)

Better Nether Beta 3B (Biomes and Gen Update)
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This addon is a port of a java mod called 'Better Nether' which tries to expand the ideas of the existing dimension by expanding and adding a variety of biomes such as the nether jungle among others (Nether Jungle and gravel desert are the Unique Biomes that you can find at the moment) Now you will see some features that add this addon

And yes I can make a port for this mod because the mod is under GNU License ._.XD

1. Jungle Skeleton
These skeletons is a variant of the original and it can spawn at the nether jungle, and usually spawns with a sword, they dont burn with the day light when they are in overworld


2. Nether Jungle Plants
These plants can be spawned by clicking with bone meal on the jungle nylium wich is found in the nether jungle 

3. Anchor Crafting Table
This new Crafting Table can be used at the same way as a normal crafting table ( Dont have crafting yet ) This is how it looks

4. New Vines
These Plants Are from the extend vegetation of this addon and at this moment, there are  4 types: 
1. Eye Vines
2. Lumabus Vines
3. Golden Lumabus Vines
4. Anchor Vines
5. Golden Vines

5. Naga
This mob is just terryfing right? Well you can fight with him to get some XP
The abilities for this mob are
1. Melee Attack
2. Shoot Fireballs ( There will be another projectile but its the first beta so you need to wait )

6. Stalagnate ( still in WIP )

This is one of the plants that have many functions of this addon, you can make: planks, sticks and even chairs ( wich are not in the addon yet ) 
You can found them in the nether like pillars 
Some examples of their Generation:

7.  Giant Mold
Aren't they strange? If they aren´t, Well, then I suppose that the goal was not met, anyway, these giant mushrooms will appear in the mushroom forest biome (which is still under development for now) These have variants such as the mold sapling

Sapling Version

Normal Version
8. Hydrogen Jellyfish

These BIG jellyfish appears on the lava oceans of the nether 

9. Stalactites ( Blackstone, Glowstone and Netherrack )
These Stalactites can be found in the nether in their respective biomes
Blackstone: Basalt Deltas and SoulSand Valley
Netherrack: All the biomes
Glowstone: All the biomes ( Attached to glowstone )
Some Examples of generation

You are allowed to review this addon as long as you give credits
You are allowed to use this addon in any add-on pack as long as you leave credits
You are not allowed to get money from this addon, either with link shorteners such as Yousubnow, adfly, or others that meet this type of characteristics
You are not allowed to accredit this addon as yours since the addon contains a license which will make any unauthorized copy of this addon be immediately sanctioned

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16.101


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