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Throwing Knife Texture

Throwing Knife Texture
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This add-on modifies and enhances the look of bows, arrows and crossbows to the look of cool knives.

In addition, this knife flies very straight and far(Distance of 100 blocks!). And it does a lot of damage to the target.

This knife is very powerful, but at a cost.
By the way, this add-on was made by a Japanese high school student (Haz).

This add-on replaces "Bow" with "Throwing Knife", "Arrow" with "Knife", and "Crossbow" with "Throwing Knife (Can be Held)".
The appearance of various "Effective Arrows" has also changed.

In addition, the bow and arrow and crossbow recipes will change.
Knife (Arrow)
Iron Ingot + Stick + Iron Nugget -> Knife ×4

Throwing Knife (Bow) & Throwing Knife (Can be held) (Crossbow)
Knife -> Throwing Knife or Throwing Knife (Can be held)

This knife deals 5 damage normally and up to 10 damage on critical hits.
What's more, this knife is almost unaffected by gravity.

It's so powerful that it's not suitable for "PvP".
This add-on can also be used with the "Resource Pack" alone.
The flying knife is three-dimensional.

Are you dissatisfied with the knife?
You can rewrite the contents by changing the extension to ZIP and expanding it.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.201



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