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Lava Sponges

Lava Sponges
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This addon adds one basic block - the lava sponge. It can remove lava from spaces such as lava pools or even the nether. Requires Holiday Creator Features to be enabled.

Lava Sponge

After crafting it with a magma block and basalt surrounding it you can bring it to the nether or any other lava pool.
Once the sponge has been used it becomes useless. You can still use it as a decoration.

The lava sponge is on the right and the molten sponge on the left.

All of my addons are compatible with all devices and all of my other addons. This addon is compatible with almost all other addons.

Thanks to PinkuRinku for the German Translation and GDnichoTP for the Indonesian Translation

Requires Experimental Gameplay

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.100


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