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Better Villagers And Illagers

Better Villagers And Illagers
Addons for Minecraft PE
So have you ever wanted more villagers? Well, we have some here! The villager's names are Mutant Villager, The Villager Wizard, Spy Villager, Evil Wizard, Villager Guard, Villager Guard 2, The Lumberjack, Ninja, The Enchanter, Illusioner, and many more!

Starting off the first mob:
Mutant Villager:
Fights Monsters, Defends the village.
Villager Wizard: 
Defends the village by throwing splash potions, and get rid of buffs.
Spy Villager:
With his epic looks, he will defend and protect the village.
Evil Wizard: 
Once a nice villager, but now he raids the villages with magic!
Villager Guard:
Guards the village at night and day.
Villager Guard Chief:
Guards the village at night and day, and commands the Guards.
Collects wood for the village.
The Ninja:
Friends with the guards protect’s the villager
A Illager from Minecraft Dungeons. Texture by Team Co-Block Add-Ons.
Discontinued from being a Minecraft mob, projects illusions.
Soldier Villager:
Defends Villager kind.
Commander Villager:
Commands the soldiers.
Deep in the temples lies a big and scary mummy! 
Librarian Villager:
Master of the books.
Wandering Trader Illager:

Snow Illager: 
Lost from the army of Illagers, he's trying to find his way back home.
King Illager:
Leader and commander of Illagers. 
Female Villager: 
A different gender of a villager.
Like it's brother the Illusioner, it casts illusions.
Villager Construction Worker:
Builds more houses for citizens.
Villager Priest:
The Villager Priest is a religious leader.
Villager King:
Leader and protector of the Villagers.
Sensei Villager:
Teaches people martial art.
Illager Peon:
An Illager farm worker.
Villager Pizza Guy: 
Delivers pizza for villagers.
Villager Butcher:
Cuts and sells meat.
Villager Clerk:
A retail worker.
Villager Armorer: 
A person who makes armor.
Skeleton Villager:
One of the Illagers gone wrong experiments.
Santa Villager:
Give presents to loving Players and Villagers.
Illager Doctor: 
Heals Illagers in battlefields.
Mutant Illager: 
Apart of a experiment that gone wrong, now it fights again for the Illagers.
Ender VIllager:
The Ender VIllagers ate too much chorus fruit they mutated!
Pillages Villages and Illager Outposts.

Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.210 (beta)


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