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Bedrock Fantasy

Bedrock Fantasy
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Bedrock fantasy is an addon created by Arca drop Yoshi fachero and andrextumaere which will totally transform our world of minecraft pe and turn the world into a fantasy by adding entities, bosses, swords among more things

Next are the entities and items that this fantasy addon will add to us
Minotaur is a neutral mob which means that if we attack him he will attack us his life is 150 hearts and his attack is 12 its biome is savana

In addition to this, the minotaur is one of the most important mobs of the addon because he will exchange very important things for the other mobs

Cyclops the Cyclops is a mini boss that has 300 hearts and 12 attack damage is an extremely hostile mob and when we kill them it will give us its eye that will help us to craft the sword of Cyclops also at the time of killing it it will give us a message congratulating us . your biome is the table

pegasus mount this mount is special because it will serve us to mount the only 2 flying entities, pegasus of the end and pegasus of the beginning its crafting is as follows

pegasus of the end this mob will be found all over the world it is a peaceful and mountable mob if we tame it and put its special mount on it and look up it will fly and if we look down it will go down his life varies from 30 to 40 hearts
this mob eats golden apples and golden carrots

Pegasus from the beginning is a very special mob if not the most special because it is a very rare mob to find, it will only be found in the ice mountains, although they appear in this biome, only 1 will be found per biome, it has a 2 slot where we can put the swords of netherite and diamond and has the same function of the pegasus of the end if we look up it will fly and if we look down it will unravel.
this mob eats golden food that the minotaur exchanges for us 
his life is 50

The Viking mafia is extremely hostile because although it will not appear in a biome, the chief ogre will summon it when it detects a threat its life is 40 and its attack is 12

The Viking ogre is the first boss added to the addon, it is hostile, its life is 600 and its attack is 21 hearts of damage when spawning, the ogre will appear asleep but if we hit it it will wake up and when identifying a danger it will invoke Vikings although it also attacks it is very rare let him attack on his own

belger ore this new ore will be created in the caves and it is very easy to find with this we can make a belger sword 
belger sword is made from belger material found in mines and a stick its damage is 9

eye sword is made with the eye of cyclops its damage is 10

Pegasus sword this sword is crafted with 2 pegasus feathers which will release the pegasus from the beginning as time passes, its damage is 8

And last but not least we have the sword of the minotaur which the minotaur exchanges for a cyclops eye, its damage is 6


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.210 (beta)


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