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Warden Concept Replicas

Warden Concept Replicas
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Have you seen Minecraft Live 2020?
It add a bunch off new features, mob, and even a new generation for caves. One of the following mob is Warden. Warden is a mob that live in darkest deep cave. It can kill you with 2 hit if you wearing a netherite armor. This add-on will try to replicate the warden as good as possible !


Warden is a mob that have a blue horn. This monster can haunt you everywhere in caves.
Let`s see what i added to this mob :

This mob have an interesting behaviors, it blind but it can hear a vibration. Warden can hear a vibration that cause by walking and some projectiles that you shoot (only arrow, snowball, egg, lightning bolt, lingering potion, splash potion and trident).
How the mechanic work ?
To attract it, try to throw/shoot an/a arrow, snowball, egg, lingering potion, splash potion and trident and aim it to the ground/solid block. this mob will follow the vibration that you cause. When you open a container nearby a warden, it will feel the vibration.

Try to sneak when walking, sneak will avoid player to cause a vibration. If you walk, this mob will follow you and track the vibration. Run is the best way to avoid it : )

Will it spawn on world ?
Yes, it will spawn on cave (Y 0-32). You can find it in survival world, but it spawn rarely.
Does it drop loots ?
Yes, it will drop sculk growth 2-4, and bones 1-3. This is not the real loot drop, there's no information about what warden will drop.

Does the mob glow ?
The only part that will glow is heartbeat. The heartbeat ticking will be fast if it angry.
- Sculk block function like a normal block,
- Sculk growth function like a carpet,
- Sculk Birth fubction like a normal block,
- Suclk trap will trigger Warden if you(player/mob) step on it.

- Note :
    ~ Horn no longer glow.

- Compatible cross-over with my add-ons :
    ~Furniture Moreniture
    ~Goat Concept Replicas
    ~Terracotta Expansion
Not Compatible with Dungeons Replicas !

- Isometric (right) view of Warden :

- Informations :
   ~ Behavior settings,

You can toggle this on and off !
Recommended to turn it off in behavior pack (without features generation) due to bugs from Minecraft.
    ~ Required settings,


-    Install through .mcpack
1. Download the files both RP and BP,

2. Open the .mcpack and it should open your Minecraft,

3. Activate both RP and BP pack.

-    Install through directory ( Android & IOS )
1. Download the files both RP and BP,

2. - Move your Resource Pack .mcpack to resource pack folder

    - Move your Behavior Pack .mcpack to behavior pack folder

Android path : games/com.mojang/...
IOS path : Apps/com.mojang.minecraftpe/Documents/games/com.mojang/

- Install through directory (Windows)
1. Go to C:\Users\(your pc username)\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\
2. Move your behavior pack to com.mojang\behavior_packs\... & Move your resource pack to com.mojang\resource_packs\...

- The behaviour pack issue can't be fixed, i can't find what causing it. I'm really sorry for this.


Supported Minecraft versions



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