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Eating Ore Add-on

Eating Ore Add-on
Addons for Minecraft PE
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Are you tired of eating the same food in Minecraft?
want to try something cruel
What does this add-on contain?

  • Can eat all the ore in Minecraft.

yes, as the name implies in ADD-ON Eating ore, we can eat all the ores in Minecraft including Netherite.
how to eat it is also very easy, like eating ordinary food in minecraft
(press and hold the screen)

  • Has a special effect when eaten.when you eat the ore, you will get a certain effect depending on the ore

  • The rarer the ore you get, the longer the duration you eat it.
Example. Netherite, Diamond, Netherite scrap, and more

  • And this add-on can also be overwritten with other add-ons without experiencing damage to this add-on, so it is suitable for use in survival mode

Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.210 (beta)
1.15 (beta)


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