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More Ores 4.0 The Armor Update (1.16+)

More Ores 4.0 The Armor Update (1.16+)
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Have you ever wanted more metals which you can use in your world? With this addon, it is now possible. This addon adds new ores which can be used for crafting new blocks and tools.

List of ores:
  • Aquarium
  • Adamantine
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Cold-Iron
  • Silver
  • ruby
  • sapphire
  • crystal
  • topaz
  • amethyst
  • Starsteel
Metal Blocks

All metal block have the same recipe as the iron block
All ores will now spawn in your world but some of them are rare
Available Tools

Has the same recipes for other hoes but are a work in progress

Has the same recipes for other pickaxes

Has to be crafted in the middle of the crafting table. otherwise it has the same recipe as other swords
Here is the list of sword damages
crystal sword 5 damage
topaz sword 17 damage
ruby sword 10 damage
sapphire sword 9 damage
amethyst sword 5 damage
silver sword 7 damage
coldiron sword 12 damage
bronze sword 6 damage
brass sword 4 damage
aquarium sword 5 damage
adamantine sword 12 damage
Starsteel sword 20 damage


MCADDON instructions
1. download the .mcaddon file

2. open the file in minecraft 
ZIP instructions
1. download the .zip file
2. extract zip file
3. put MoreOres BP(into behavior pack) and MoreOres( into resource packs) in their proper folders in minecraft bedrock location
WARNING:I will be updating this often. Make sure to delete previous version before installing the new version.
This addon might not work with 1.15 beta
Dont post on other website without my permission.

Supported Minecraft versions



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