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War of Nations Season 2

War of Nations Season 2
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"Arrows fly in every direction, soldiers fight fist to fist, leaders attempt to heighten morale, the battlefield is an unforgiving place." 
-Lieutenant Johnson seconds before an Undead Airstrike.
The War of Nations addon allows you to have massive battles to fill your violent soul's content--or your normal person's content. You, the player, can command troops the size of your ankles to fight other troops (Also ankle size). You can do all sorts of stuff, you can spawn in a multitude of troops for each side and watch them have at it, or have your friend(s) hop on and control the opposing army. Let your Minecraft zombie genocide dreams come true in the ultimate struggle of endless war!

Welcome to War of Nations! The addon that turns your beautiful Minecraft world into a dreadful battlefield full of death and destruction. Like the mushrooms the guy put in your burger, this mod kinda sus.
 Alright, a lot has been added to Season 2, so let's just dive right into it:

What's New in Season 2?

 -Undead gets the new Phantom and Wither Skeleton units
 -Illagers gets the Ravager
 -New Faction! The Villagers:
 -Foot Soldier
 -Snow Golem
 -Iron Golem


📜Content included in this addon:

  •   -Foot Soldier
  •      Command Name - cc:ve_foot_soldier
  •     Very Speedy, very low damage output
  •   -Snow Golem
  •      Command Name - cc:ve_snowgolem
  •     Very Speedy, very easy to kill, very high damage output
  •   -Iron Golem
  •      Command Name - iron_golem
  •     Slow, high HP, decent damage output
  •   -Warmachine
  •      Command Name - cc:ve_warmachine
  •     Slow, mega high HP, high damage output, shouldn't exist
  •   -Zombie
  •      Command Name - cc:ua_zombie_
  •     Very Slow, average HP, low damage output
  •   -Skeleton
  •      Command Name - cc:ua_skeleton
  •     Fast, low HP, high damage output
  •   -Wither Skeleton
  •      Command Name - cc:ua_wither
  •     Fast, more HP then zombie, High Damage output
  •   -Phantom
  •      Command Name - cc:ua_phantom
  •     Medium Speed, okay HP, okay damage
  •   -Pillager
  •      Command Name - cc:in_pillager
  •     Very Fast, medium tank, low damage output
  •   -Vindicator
  •      Command Name - vindicator
  •     Very Fast, medium tank, high damage output
  •   -Ravager
  •      Command Name - ravager
  •     Slow, Iron Golem's equal

🐜Known Bugs:

  • Iron Golem doesn't like to move it move it
  • Ravager only fights back when attacked
  • Vindicator acts like a Ravager
  • Error messages appear on Nintendo Switch players' screens
What you have permission for
  • Make Videos on this addon
  • Share this addon
  • "Borrow" code without permission (as long as you don't take the credit)
  • And, of course, use this addon. You can use it for yourself, your friends, your family, your projects, your maps. I don't care as long as you don't plagiarize.

What you don't have permission for

  • Post this addon on other map/moding sites
  • Pass this addon off as your own (a.k.a, plagiarism) 

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