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Planet of the Symbiotes V1

Planet of the Symbiotes V1
Addons for Minecraft PE
Symbiotes from the planet Klyntar have started invading Minecraft.
In order to survive this invasion, you must learn how to fight the symbiotes, and and utilize them to become stronger and evolve beyond human ability.

This is the first official version of Planet of the Symbiotes.
You will find tons of stuff in just this first version of the add-on, including:

 Symbiotes of the following colors:
          Red, black, green, orange, white, grey, purple, blue, and yellow.
     Symbiotes currently can be found in all biomes at any time of the day, and orange and red symbiotes can attack using symbiote needles.
     Symbiote colonies(blocks) hidden in mountains.
     Over fifteen craftable weapons, including blades, axes, and needles.
     Each symbiote type has its own weapon set. Black symbiotes, for example, have only the black tendril, whole red symbiotes are the most versatile, having four different weapons.
     The symbiote extractor is a special pickaxe that is used to double the speed in which you mine symbiote colonies.
     Iron Man spawns to help control the symbiote population. He flies and shoots the symbiotes, protecting both you and himself while he does it.
     Find a secret item by crafting it also!

As the faint text indicates, this is the symbiote extractor, the tool designed specifically for mining symbiote colonies.
Above are all of the current weapons from weakest to strongest, with the exception of the needles, which are the last two items. (Grey Symbiote Mace is missing, but it's in the add-on.)This picture shows all nine colors of symbiotes.
This picture shows what the needles look like when you're holding them and also what they look like after throwing them.

Full item list(excluding secret items):
     Black Symbiote:
          Black Symbiote(crafting material)
          Black Symbiote Colony (block and crafting material)
          Black Symbiote Tendril (weapon)
     Red Symbiote:
          Red Symbiote (crafting material)
          Red Symbiote Colony(block and crafting material)
          Red Symbiote Tendril (weapon)
          Red Symbiote Needle(projectile weapon)
          Red Symbiote Sword(weapon)
          Red Symbiote Axe(weapon)
     Grey Symbiote:
          Grey Symbiote (crafting material)
          Grey Symbiote Colony (block and crafting material)
          Grey Symbiote Sword(weapon)
          Grey Symbiote Mace(weapon)
          Grey Symbiote Axe(weapon)
     White Symbiote:
          White Symbiote (crafting material)
          White Symbiote Claws (weapon)
          White Symbiote Sword(weapon)
          White Symbiote Tendril(weapon)
     Yellow Symbiote:
          Yellow Symbiote (crafting material)
          Yellow Symbiote Colony (block and crafting material)
          Yellow Symbiote Blade (weapon)
     Purple Symbiote:
          Purple Symbiote (crafting material)
          Purple Symbiote Colony (block and crafting material)
          Purple Symbiote Claws (weapon)
     Green Symbiote:
          Green Symbiote (crafting material)
          Green Symbiote Colony (block and crafting material)
          Green Symbiote Tendril (weapon)
          Green Symbiote Whip (weapon)
     Orange Symbiote:
          Orange Symbiote (crafting material)
          Orange Symbiote Colony (block and crafting material)
          Orange Symbiote Needle (projectile)
          Orange Symbiote Tendril (weapon)
          Orange Symbiote Axe(weapon)
     Blue Symbiote:
          Blue Symbiote (crafting material)
          Blue Symbiote Colony (block and crafting material)
          Blue Symbiote Whip (weapon)
          Blue Symbiote Tendril(weapon)
     Repulsor Blast (projectile, can only be obtained in creative)
     Symbiote Extractor (pickaxe, only works on symbiote colonies)


For Android devices:
Download the file.
Then, tap out click on the file in your file explorer.
Minecraft will automatically open up and finish the installation process.

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