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BMW M5 2021 Addon

BMW M5 2021 Addon
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Hello, everyone! I would like to introduce the first car add-on in 2021 at OMS / CYBOX in South Korea.

Last year, BMW M5 2021, which ranked first in my YouTube channel's popular vehicle survey, was produced and distributed as an add-on with the OMS team.
Meet the fun and fruitful car add-on now!

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• A combination of cars. (Or you can eject the Spongal from Creative Mode.)

• Tame the car with a saddle.

• Fill the car with coal.

• You can dye your car with dye.

• Put the box in the car to activate your car's inventory.

• Enjoy your ride. Watch out! Monsters like zombies and creepers could be hit.

• When another player is hit, the player flies away.


This add-on is only officially distributed on MCPE DL, MCPE DL, MaMoCker, OMS, Addons for Minecraft (iOS, Android App).


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