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Minecraft Upgrade (Beta 1.2)

Minecraft Upgrade (Beta 1.2)
Addons for Minecraft PE
Minecraft Upgrade it's a addon that adds a lot of new things of the old Minecraft updates (like the nether update) exploring the concept of the upgrade topic and remaking some things of the update

The Minecraft Upgrade add the next things:
New mobs:
Crimson mobs


The corrupted it's a variant of the zombie, this appear in the nether. When the mob hurts you, this give nausea from 15 seconds. If you kill the mob, this drops rotten flesh

Crimson eye

The crimson eye it's a hostile mob that attack like a vex if you killed this give his eye

Crimson fungow

The crimson fungow it's a new variation of the cow, if you use a bowl with the mob, you obtain a new stew

Warped mobs

Warped fungow

The warped fungow it's like the crimson fungow, but, you can't use the bowl with this mob, you can use a glass bottle with the mob to obtain a new potion


The infected it's a hostile mob that can eat some items, this mob they fear crimson fungus, if a mob hurts the infected, all the neutral and hostile mobs attacks to the mob that hurts the Infected.
This mob drops warped warts

Basalt deltas mobs

Dead infected

The dead Infected it's a hostile mob similar to the zoglin, this mob is a little more stronger that the normal infected, this mob drops rotten flesh


The pyroglin it's a hostile mob that attack the players, this mob attack with pyroballs.
This mob can change into a soul version, in this form, the mobs is more stronger, this mob, after a long time, transform in his normal version.
The pyroglin can loot some specific times if you kill him in one of the phases
Normal phase: Drops pyroball
Soul phase: Drops soul pyroball

Soulsand mob
Dead creeper

The dead creeper it's a mob that it's like a normal creeper, the difference is that, if the mob explodes, this leaves fire in the explosion

New items and blocks

Soul and molten soul

The molten soul it's a new block that, if you step on the block, you wanna walk more faster.
The soul it's the drop of the block, this item works for made some things in the addon

More basalt blocks

The basalt now have two new variants.
The basalt brick it's a new brick variant made with polished basalt.
The basalt chiseled it's a new variant of the basalt, this had a face similar to the ghast

Rose quartz

The rose quartz it's a new ore that you can find in the nether. You can make the same blocks of normal quartz
(You can make rose quartz slabs)

Soul quartz

The soul quartz it's a new quartz Varian, you can find in the soulsand valley, you can make the same things like that quartz and rose quartz
(You can make soul quartz slabs)

Golden fungus

The golden fungus it's a new mushroom that you can use from make a new potion

Warped wart

You can obtain the warped warts killing infected, you can make a new potion with this warts

Cyan flower

Outside of the nether, you can find this flower. This flower had been removed from the game, but, with this add-on, you can obtain again with a new texture.
You can make cyan dye with this flower


The ash block it's a new block that you can find in the nether, when you break the block, you can obtain the ash. If you put the ash in a furnace you can make the burning ash

Soul glass

The soul glass it's a new glass that you can obtain burning soul sand in a furnace, you can use a flint and steel to make the glass change his color and glow. If you back the lit soul glass, this block transform in a normal soul glass

Hoglin meat

Now, you can obtain a new meat of the Hoglins, this regenerate more food than a normal meet


The pyroball it's a new proyectile that you can use, it's like a snowball with fire but, this have more gravity.

Soul pyroball

This item it's like the normal pyroball, but, it's more stronger.
Also, you can use another craft to obtain the soul pyroball

Nether redstone ore

This ore appear in the basalt deltas, you can obtain 1-9 redstone of this block


The bismtuh it's a replace of the item in the nether, you can find in the warped forest.
This item need more complex craft to make the iron things

New potions

When the extravagance potion, you can make the next potions:
  • Gravitation potion
  • Levitation potion
  • Health boost potion
  • Haste potion
  • Saturation potion

  • Nether star potion
Also, you can use glowstone and redstone to make the effect more stronger or last longer

Advanced gold sword.

The advanced gold sword makes 7 damage, also, this weapon has sweeping edge.
You can obtain the sword killing a piglin guard.

Quartz key and nether reactor
The quartz key it's a new item that you can make with all the quartz and a crimson eye, this item function to activate the nether reactor

The nether reactor it's a block that you can find in the nether, you need to use a quartz key to activate a new boss battle

New piglins
New zombified piglin

Now, the zombified piglins use the clothes of the normal piglins

New piglin Brute

Now, the piglin Brute has hair in ridge shape

Piglin guard

The piglins guard it's more stronger than a piglins Brute, this mob spawn ever with armor and a advanced gold sword. You can find this mob riding a tamed hoglin and in the reactor fight

Tamed hoglin

This Hoglins are piglins friends, you can find a tamed hoglin with a piglin guard in his back

Piglin chief (boss)

This piglin appear in the reactor fight, appears accompanied by two tamed Hoglins without a rider

Zombie chief (second phase)

In the second phase, this piglin appear with wither skeletons, now has the ability of appear corrupted, crimson eyes and evocation fangs. The life of the boss now it's the double of the first phase


This hammer it's a reward for defeat the piglin chief, this game has two abilities.
The first ability is that, if you punch a mob, you can make a damage area around it, this area has knockback.
The second ability is that, if you punch meanwhile you're sneaking, you can make a moral big knockback area and break some blocks

Another things
The gold texture has been reworked and now, it's more shiny
The wither skeletons, corrupted and crimson eyes hates the piglins and this try to kill the piglins
You can find the items in the inventory, searching in any place
This add-on has a custom title


Note, this add-on just works in the official 1.16.100
Thanks of the people that helped me and support me with the addon


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.210 (beta)


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