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Sans Addon | Error404 Sans Update!

Sans Addon | Error404 Sans Update!
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Dustsans are a sans character made by fangame, who lives in an aus called dusttale. In Dusttale, he killed everyone just to level up himself.
And this is my addon dustsans, which is based on dusttale au. There are dustsans, gaster blaster, bone throws, bone luker.
If you have a youtube channel, please showcase it and credit me so that I can reach 1k subs.
Ink!Sans is a Sans Au of Sans Undertale (Sans Original), although he is a different version of sans ut, but he is much stronger than sans ut.
Bill! Sans is also a sans au like dust! sans and ink! sans
I won't talk about Xans =)))

Error404 Sans

•Power: 8/10
•Special ability: Summon Error404 Bomb, Error404 Gaster Blaster and can throw bones

-Error404 Bomb

•Error Bomb will destroy enemies within 5 blocks

-Error404 Gaster Blaster

•Has the power of a Xans Gaster Blaster


•Health: 1
•Damage: 999999999
•Skill: Gaster Blaster Summon, Bone Lurker Summon, Bone Throw

•When he sees an enemy

-Dust!Sans v4 model

-Gaster Blaster

•Health: Unknown
•Damage: 999999999
•Effect: Unknown
-This is the most powerful blow of Dust!Sans

-Bone Lurker

-This is bone lurker the staple of dust!sans

•Health: Unknown
•Damage: So many, so much
•Effect: Slowness (254)
-This is a picture I used to take commandblock but it is very difficult to get a fine photo from the dustsans

-Bone Throw?

-This is a skill that any sans must have :))))

•Health: Unknown
•Damage: 999999999
•Effect: Levitation (4)

-Pack icon

-Don't ask me why I included the elucicator in the pack icon (because I like the anime sword art online) 

-Pack Icon v4


•Health: 1
•Damage: Unknow
•Ability: Summon Gaster Blaster, Bone Lurker. Throw Bone.
•Skill: Makes all mobs in flames

-Ink! Bone lurker

-Ink! Gaster Blaster

-Ink!Sans v2

-Ink jail

-Ink! Special Attack

-Bill! Sans

•Health: 90 (can't hurt)
•Damage: Unknown
•Skills: Summon Gaster Blaster, Bone and /kill @e
•Abilitys: Unknown

-Bill Gaster Blaster

•Health: Unknown
•Damage: Unknown
•Skills: Can fly

-Bill Bones lurker


-Xans Gaster Blaster

-Xans bone lurker

•Damage: 999...

-Ink Sans v3

-Ink Xans

•These are sans made by ink sans, called Xans. This Xans has all the skills of Xans v4.

-Kirito [New]

•Kirito is 4 blocks high
•Every time Kirito attacked, the enemy would be killed instantly



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