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Terraria Weapons

Terraria Weapons
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If you've ever wanted to use Terra Blade in Minecraft or other cool weapons from Terraria. In this addon it will be possible to get them! You will receive two new NPCs who will sell you these weapons and help you defend your base.
These weapons that you see in the picture actually work. The hammer works like a boomerang, the terra blade fires a green projectile, shurikens can be thrown, and a lot of interesting stuff.
The merchant will protect you from dangerous creatures, he will throw weapons and run away. Some of them are really dangerous weapons, they do a lot of damage.
The Wandering Merchant is a unique NPC vendor that sells a variety of items that change randomly. He spawns automatically during the day, he will not be at night.
The author also warned that this is still a beta release, in the future he will add more weapons.


For Minecraft versions 1.16.100+ and higher.

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