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Ferry Addon

Ferry Addon
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Do you need big ships for the map? This addon adds two ships to Minecraft. You can build a large ferry for a faster sailing speed. There is a smaller ship, but it is bigger than a vanilla ship!
Other than that, this add-on is multiplayer friendly. He works for Relams. First of all, the regular ferry has 5 seats and 26 slots. It's faster than a small ferry.
You can do this with wood, ships and wool. Please note that you must not do it with different kinds of ships.Secondly, the small ferry has only 3 seats and 6 slots. Although smaller, it is faster than vanilla boats.Wool ships, boats and woods. (Informally)Finally, don't forget about the captain! It will board the ship automatically, but you have to ride it yourself.


For Minecraft versions 1.16.40+ and higher.

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