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Mo’ Blocks

Mo’ Blocks
Addons for Minecraft PE
This add-on will add 28 new building blocks. There are three sections of the addon: Nature Section, Void Section, Metal Section.

Unearthly blocks

Magma Brick
Twisted bricks wart

Polished Basalt Brick
Basalt bricks
Soul Bricks
Weeping Obsidian Bricks
Low bricks wart

Obsidian bricks

Metal blocks

Diamond bricks

Iron bricks

Golden bricks
Polished emerald
Emerald bricks

Natural Blocks

Blue ice bricks

Polished cobblestone
Ice bricks
Packaged ice bricks

Granite bricks Cobblestone bricks
Polished Cobble Bricks
Snow bricks

Mud bricks
Grass bricks

Polished Diorite Bricks Full grass

Polished Andesite Bricks
Diorite bricks

Polished Granite Bricks


For Minecraft versions 1.16.40+ and higher.

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