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OreSpiders addon

OreSpiders addon
Addons for Minecraft PE
The addon will add 7 new spiders with different colors, each spider will dig different minerals, depending on their appearance

Emerald Spyder (Drops between 2 and 4 Emerald)
Iron Spider (Drops between 2 and 5 Iron)
Ember Spider (Drops between 2 and 5 coal)
Redstone Spider (Drops between 5 and 10 Redstone)
Diamond Spider (Drops between 2 and 4 Diamond)
Spider Lazuli Lazuri (Drops between 6 and 12 paws)
Golden Spider (Drops between 2 and 4 gold)

Here you can see what the spiders are made of:
This spider is made of gold:
From coal:


For Minecraft versions 1.16.40+ and higher.

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