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Angry Mobs

Angry Mobs
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Imagine a Minecraft world where every crowd would like to live in peace and harmony with all their neighbors. Then imagine the complete opposite, and you will know exactly what "Evil Mafiosi" is.

Fun times! Every mafia wants to attack any other mafia that is not like them. Villagers versus iron golems, parrots versus pandas, zombies versus husks, ghosts versus blaze, shulkers versus endermen, everyone versus everything else! It's a crazy, crazy world.

Some components

  • Mafias that didn't have an attack yet were assigned melee attacks and damage based on about a third of their health.
    Spiders are now always aggressive
    The height and width of the mast have been reduced where necessary to fit into a 2x2x2 cube; so much the better for arena battles.
    Reduced distance to teleport
    Mobile phones do not light up during the day.
    Zombies do not turn villagers into zombies.
    Mobile discoloration off (maybe with the exception of endermites, need to check this).


For Minecraft versions 1.16.40+ and higher.

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