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JW’s Boomerangs

JW’s Boomerangs
Addons for Minecraft PE
This expansion adds 14 new craftable boomerangs. Some are made of magma, wood, iron, and ice. Boomerangs are survival and multiplayer, they won't conflict with other add-ons!

Each boomerang has different characteristics, such as increased speed or greater attack power, and some boomerangs have special abilities, such as the ability to extinguish fire, teleport their user, or explode on contact!

Autorang is a special boomerang created from Iron Boomerangs and Eyes of Ender. It locks onto nearby monsters and automatically hits each of them, one at a time. It's a handy boomerang, but if you're really surrounded, it might take a while to get back! This boomerang deals 4 damage
The Distorted Boomerang is a special version of the wooden boomerang with an unusual flight pattern. After being thrown, he flies in place, striking several blows for a short time. It deals the same damage as a wooden boomerang: 3.
The Crimson Boomerang is a special variant of the wooden boomerang that can punch through walls and crowds, flying the same distance each time. It deals the same damage as a wooden boomerang: 3.
The Diamond Boomerang travels slightly faster than the Iron Boomerang and does 7 damage.
The Dutch Boomerang flies slightly faster than the Diamond Boomerang, does 7 damage and can pierce crowds and terrain, so it always flies the same distance every time.
The Wooden Boomerang is the standard type of boomerang, and one of the easiest to obtain. It deals 3 damage
The iron boomerang is slightly faster than the wooden boomerang and deals 5 damage.
Zoomerang it is a special boomerang that uses a rocket propulsion system for fast and long range flight. It travels much farther than any other boomerang, and deals 7 damage.
Enderang is a special boomerang with which you can quickly teleport around the world. He doesn't do any harm, but will piss off the crowd if he hits him.
Magmarang is a boomerang made from elements found in the Wasteland. He deals a lot of damage from all boomerangs, they can set fire to a crowd if they hit him. It deals up to 10 damage.
The freezeris an ice boomerang. It doesn't fly far and doesn't do much harm, but it can be used to create ice platforms on the water surface. It is such a cold boomerang that it will also slow the crowds that it hits, making it even more useful as a communal boomerang. Cold boomerang deals 1 damage.
Smasharang is a boomerang made of stone. With it, you can easily cut crops and other foliage. It can also be sued for weapons, but it flies slower than most other boomerangs and deals only 4 damage.
A demorang is a boomerang created from Iron Boomerangs and TNT. IT does not have high speed or range, but it explodes on impact or over time, causing serious damage. The explosions have a decent radius and damage any creature in range, but do not damage the terrain.
Most boomerangs are designed to fly in the air, they are not very good underwater. Hydrorang is a special boomerang created from Prismarine that can cut through water to hit targets in the ocean depths. It can also be used in the rain! This boomerang does 8 damage.


For Minecraft versions 1.16.40+ and higher.

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