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1.17 Update Concept

1.17 Update Concept
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Minecraft Live has announced that the next Minecraft update will be the Caves And Cliffs Update ! So many new and exciting things were announced that the author decided to recreate most of them in this addon!

Amethyst crystals

The broadcast showed amethyst crystals and an amethyst geode. The crystal can only be placed on a geode . A geode  is a block that cannot be picked up.


It is not known what it will do, the author will update the addon and its function will appear in the future.

Copper and lightning rod

These blocks are not functional and are for decoration only. Copper oreis not currently generated in the world, but will be updated.


Lightning rod

Clay pots

In this addition, they are of no use other than decoration. There is a boiled and raw version of the clay pot.

Rolling blocks

These are new types of blocks to be found underground . They represent about three options. The block is the usual block used for demonstration in this add-on.

Rolling parachute

It is a block used for decoration.

Rolling growth 

Air snow

With this you can make traps and secrete bases!

Spore plant

It looks more like a bush of  a grapevine or a sweet berry . It can be used for decoration , it has fruits on it . The fruit  is called the Light Fruit . If the block has a fruity glow , then it will glow. If you choose a fruit, it will grow back over time.

Luminous fruit

Copper block

Copper as we all know rusts, over time it will change color. This block mainly serves as a decoration block.

No rust

With rust

Completely rusted



A block used in caves . There are two types of moss - moss unit and moss ( flat).

Hard stone

This is a normal hard rock and will take longer to break in survival mode . On Minecraft Live it was not shown to us in full, the author called it - hard stone.


It will not be generated in the world, it will be generated in future updates.


For Minecraft versions and higher.

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