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Furniture and Decorations addon

Furniture and Decorations addon
Addons for Minecraft PE
Addon will add you more than twenty beautiful furniture with 3D models, this addon will decorate your home with food, YouTube button, laptop, chair, TV and lantern.Commands To get these items, write these commands:
furniture_arathnido: silla_rotate - Chair (Rotate)
furniture_arathnido: asador - Grill
furniture_arathnido: boton_plata - Golden plate
furniture_arathnido: boton_oro - Silver youtube button
furniture_arathnido: creeper_lamp_off - Creeper Lamp
furniture_arathnido: dog_house - Doghouse
furniture_arathnido: creeper_cake - Creeper Cake
furniture_arathnido: table - Table
furniture_arathnido: mjolnir - Thor's Hammer
furniture_arathnido: bed_cats - Cat bed
furniture_arathnido: bottle - Wine bottle
furniture_arathnido: xbox_series - Xbox Series X
furniture_arathnido: chair_2 - Workshop chair
furniture_arathnido: teddy_bear - Teddy bear
furniture_arathnido: snowman - Snowman
furniture_arathnido: old_tv - Old TV
furniture_arathnido: tv - Plasma (TV)
furniture_arathnido: pc - Computer
furniture_arathnido: pig_death - Boiled pork
furniture_arathnido: chair - Chair
furniture_arathnido: laptop - Laptop
furniture_arathnido: mcpedl - MCPEDL Lamp
furniture_arathnido: nintendo_switch - Nintedo Switch
furniture_arathnido: reactor_arc - Tony Stark's reactor arc
furniture_arathnido: toy_among_us - Plush Toy from Among Us

RecipesTo turn on the flashlight, hit it.


For Minecraft versions and higher.

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