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WasteLanders addon

WasteLanders addon
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WasteLanders will add new dangerous mobs, biomes, food and much more, the addon will affect a new biome, in which you will see a thick fog, it will seem that the world is dead.

The author removed the leaves to give the impression that the leaves of the trees were burnt, the grass was replaced with a new block. Also, the author did not forget to add two new biomes, the first is Wasteland, the second is Scorched Earth.Scorched earthWasteland
In this biome, you can stumble upon dangerous or deadly mobs - scorpions, they can appear anywhere, just stay away from them.

Mob Cave Crawler and Tube Worm are dangerous, they can kill you, they have no drops.A mob that has the name Slider (cockroach) will be your enemy, you can eat them for months after death.Buildings Some abandoned buildings can be seen in the biomes.


For Minecraft versions 1.14.60+ and higher.

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