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Addon for Legendary Pokemon

Addon for Legendary Pokemon
Addons for Minecraft PE
If you are a big fan of Pokimon games, this addon will add 6 creatures - Zirnis, Zygard, Iveltal.

Iveltal, a pokemon of destruction

Health: 2250
Ability: Oblivion Wing
Damage: 150-180
Aggressive Attacks everything except Pokémon
Cocoon shape:
The cocoon is very dangerous, it will absorb what is next to it. After 20 seconds, he transforms into Ivelthal:

Zirnis, the pokemon of life

Health: 3500
Ability: Aurora Beam
Damage: 50-60
Constant regeneration
Leaves a color trail, passive mob

This mob will start after spawning within 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the mob will turn into Xerneas:

Zygarde, Pokemon of Order

Health: 4000
Ability: Concept of Strength
Damage: 100-110
Will be aggressive towards monsters

In green form, Zygard will take the form of health, only after 20-30 seconds he will collect his cells and turn into this creature:


For Minecraft versions 1.16.х+ and higher.

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