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Blocks from Minecraft Dungeons

Blocks from Minecraft Dungeons
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If you have ever played Minecraft Dungeons, then you could perfectly see the beautiful types of blocks, this mod will change / add texture from this game.


Errors may occur from version 1.16 (or higher). To get around this, vospolschuytes these commands:
dirt_stone_tile - Stone and Tile Soil
stone_brick_tile - Stone tiles
stone_brick_tile_dirt - Stone tiles with a small amount of soil
stone_brick_tile_dirt2 - Stone tiles with a large number of soil
stone_brick_tile_dirt3 - Soil with stones
chiseled_stone - chiseled stone
chiseled_stone_dirt - sharpened stone to soil
soil - Soil
soil_grass1 - Soil with a lot of grass 1
soil_grass2 - Soil with a lot of grass 2
soil_grass3 - Soil grass block
hor_stone_pillar - Horizontal stone pillar
hor_stone_pillar_moss - Mossy horizontal stone pillar
ver_stone_pillar - Vertical stone pillar


For Minecraft versions 1.14/1.16+ and higher.

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